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Lamination Explained...

You may have seen that we offer the ability to have your folders laminated – but what does that actually mean?

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The basics

To put it simply, lamination is a process where a thin layer of plastic is applied to the printed paper or card. You will have encountered it many times, probably without knowing, as it is used on most book covers, packaging and business cards, to mention just a few.

Why laminate?

There are two main reasons to add a laminate to your folder. The first is to enhance the look and feel of the folder, and the second is to protect the folder and extend its use. Adding a laminate to your folder can help prevent cracking on the spine (gusset) and other folded areas, especially when these areas have large ink coverage. We strongly advise having your folders laminated to help extend its shelf life, but of course, the decision is entirely yours.

Cracked spine on an uncoated paper

As you can see in the above picture, with use over time an uncoated folder’s spine becomes weaker and starts to crack.

Types of laminate

We offer three main types of laminate: gloss, matt and soft-touch.

Gloss laminate is the most frequently selected option for a laminate here at The Folder People. When combined with our silk card, the gloss finish can add a professional sheen to the finished product giving it the ability to stand out and make your folder a wonderful marketing tool with longevity.

Matt lamination is our other standard laminate and provides a beautiful complimentary look and feel to the silk card. Matt is often selected by clients to be applied to both the inside and outside of the folder to further enhance the appearance and feel of the printed folder. It all depends on the look and style you want to get across when deciding which laminate you would like.

Soft-touch is our premium laminate and is available as part of our bespoke folders service (contact us for more details on how you can have a truly unique folder). As well as adding protection it also gives the folder velvety feel and is ideal for a folder you want to have a tactile impact as well as a visual one. It is truly a great lamination to present your company as sophisticated and high-end.

Is it expensive?

While lamination does add an additional amount to the overall cost of the folders, it is considered a very cost-effective way to enhance and protect a folder. Lamination adds value, through the look of the finished folders, and the long shelf life lamination grants to them.

If you have any topics you would like us to cover in future blogs please just let us know.

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