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Folder Capacity Explained

It is important to choose the correct capacity size for your folders. Too small and they won’t fit all the information you want to hold. Too big and they will look sparse. In this blog, we explain the size of each capacity we offer and how many sheets of paper they can hold.

Small Capacity

Technically small capacity means your folder will not have a spine (gusset), meaning it is 0mm in capacity. However, this doesn't mean the folder will not be able to hold your documents. Small capacity folders can comfortably hold approximately 6 pieces of standard copier paper. They are ideal for contracts, invoices and CVs.

Folder capacity explained

5mm Capacity

As you would expect, 5mm capacity folders mean the spine (gusset) is 5mm wide. Folders with a 5mm capacity can comfortably hold approximately 40 pieces of standard copier paper. Due to this, 5mm capacity is the most popular folder capacity on The Folder People as they can hold a substantial amount of information without being 'bulky'. They are ideal for handover documents, details of events and welcome packs.

10mm Capacity

You guessed it, 10mm capacity folders have a spine (gusset) which is 10mm wide! They can comfortably hold 70 sheets of standard copier paper. They are ideal for professionally presenting large reports and in-depth information.

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