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Understanding Paper Sizes

The standard folders available here on the Folder People website are A4 and A5, but we also offer DL folders. But what exactly is A4, A5 and DL? To help you find out we’ve written this post about understanding paper sizes.

A4 Paper Size

The A-Series of paper sizes is an International Standard (ISO 216) used in most parts of the world to easily differentiate the different sizes of paper available. The most commonly used paper is A4, that's the kind you’ll normally find in the office printer and copier. It’s often even referred to as copier paper! This size of paper is usually used when writing reports, letters & forms. It’s the standard sized sheet that your office printer will try to print to, and the standard size document you create when you open up word processing platforms such as Microsoft Word to write a letter or report.

A4 paper measures 210mm Width x 297mm Height (or 8.3″ x 11.7″). Our range of A4 folders is designed to hold A4 sized pieces of paper. This means that the folder itself is ever so slightly larger than A4 so it fits the contents neatly.

Although A4 is the most commonly used size of paper, we also print a lot of A5 folders. So what is A5?

A5 Paper size

A5 is a size commonly used for notepads, brochures and flyers. It’s half the size of A4, measuring 148mm Width x 210mm Height (5.8″ x 8.3″) as you can see, the longest edge of an A5 sheet of paper (210mm) is the same width as the short edge on an A4 sheet.

A popular use of our A5 folders is to use it for folded sheets of A4, which can be brochures or folded information posters. Our T11 A5 Folder can hold up to 15 sheets of folded A4, or 30 single sheets of A5!

A5 and A5 paper sizes

Everything becomes a little clearer when we show an A4 Page next to an A5 page.

As you can see in the diagram opposite, A4 is twice the size of A5, we often fold A4 pages down to A5 to save on space as well as postage if a folder is intended to be posted. Sometimes this can’t be done, or the design of the document wouldn’t look right when folded. If in doubt, please contact our team of graphic designers to discuss what would be right for you.

A4 and A5 size comparison

This diagram helps to explain how an A4 sheet can be folded down to A5 & how A5 relates to A4.

Chris Sutherland - Graphic Designer, Web-to-print Technical Developer

Graphic Designer & Web-to-Print technical Developer

Chris has over 10 years experience working within the print industry, as a print designer and web designer.

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